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Send the experiment report in a message to a Slack channel using a incoming webhook.

Usage Example

iter8 launch \
--noDownload \
--set "tasks={http,assess,slack}" \
--set http.url= \
--set assess.SLOs.upper.http/latency-mean=50 \
--set assess.SLOs.upper.http/error-count=0 \
--set slack.url=<Slack webhook> \
--set slack.method=POST \
--set runner=job

See here for a more in-depth tutorial.


Name Type Required Default value Description
url string Yes N/A URL to the Slack webhook
payloadTemplateURL string No URL to a payload template
softFailure bool No true Indicates the task and experiment should not fail if the task cannot successfully send the request

Default payload

The payload will determine what will be contained in the Slack message. The default payload templae of the slack task is to send the experiment report in text form.

However, if you would like to use a different payload template, simply set a payloadTemplateURL and Iter8 will not use the default.

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