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Experiment Parameters

Iter8 is built on Helm. Iter8 experiments can be configured with parameters using the same mechanisms provided by Helm for setting chart values.

The set of configurable parameters of an experiment includes the parameters of the tasks involved in the experiment. Iter8 uses the convention that the parameters of a task are nested under the name of that task. In the following example, the url parameter of the http task is nested under the http object, and the SLOs parameter of the assess task is nested under the assess object.

iter8 launch \
--set "tasks={http,assess}" \
--set http.url= \
--set assess.SLOs.upper.http/latency-mean=50 \
--set assess.SLOs.upper.http/error-count=0

All the parameters of a task or an experiment are optional unless indicated otherwise in the documentation of the task or expereiment.

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