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iter8 assert

iter8 assert

Assert if experiment result satisfies conditions


Assert if the result of an experiment satisfies the specified conditions. If all conditions are satisfied, the command exits with code 0. Else, the command exits with code 1.

Assertions are especially useful for automation inside CI/CD/GitOps pipelines.

Supported conditions are 'completed', 'nofailure', 'slos', which indicate that the experiment has completed, none of the tasks have failed, and the SLOs are satisfied.

iter8 assert -c completed -c nofailure -c slos
# same as iter8 assert -c completed,nofailure,slos

You can optionally specify a timeout, which is the maximum amount of time to wait for the conditions to be satisfied:

iter8 assert -c completed,nofailure,slos -t 5s
iter8 assert [flags]


  -c, --condition strings   completed | nofailure | slos; can specify multiple or separate conditions with commas;
  -h, --help                help for assert
      --runDir string       directory where experiment is run; contains experiment.yaml (default ".")
      --timeout duration    timeout duration (e.g., 5s)

Options inherited from parent commands

  -l, --loglevel string   trace, debug, info, warning, error, fatal, panic (default "info")


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