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Benchmark and Validate a Knative HTTP service

Before you begin
  1. Install Iter8 CLI.
  2. Install Knative and deploy your first Knative Service. As noted at the end of the Knative tutorial, when you curl the Knative service,
    you should see the expected output as follows.
    Hello World!

1. Launch experiment

We will benchmark and validate SLOs for the Knative HTTP service by launching an Iter8 experiment.

iter8 launch -c load-test-http \
          --set url= \
          --set SLOs.error-rate=0 \
          --set SLOs.latency-mean=50 \
          --set SLOs.latency-p90=100 \
          --set SLOs.latency-p'97\.5'=200

In the above experiment, the following SLOs are validated for the Knative service. - error rate is 0 - mean latency is under 50 msec - 90th percentile latency is under 100 msec - 97.5th percentile latency is under 200 msec

2. Assert outcomes

Assert that the experiment completed without any failures and SLOs are satisfied.

iter8 assert -c completed -c nofailure -c slos

3. View report

View a report of the experiment in HTML or text formats as follows.

iter8 report -o html > report.html
# open report.html with a browser. In MacOS, you can use the command:
# open report.html
iter8 report -o text
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