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Kubernetes Release Engineering

Safely rollout new versions of apps and ML models. Maximize business value with each release.

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Open Source

Available under the Apache 2 License

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Load testing/SLOs

Iter8 experiments can generate requests for HTTP and gRPC services, collect built-in latency and error-related metrics, and validate SLOs.

A/B(/n) testing

Grow your business with every release. Iter8 experiments can compare multiple versions based on business value and identify a winner.

Simple to use

Define experiments using a simple YAML file. Run them locally, in a container, inside Kubernetes, or inside your CI/CD/GitOps pipeline.

Awesome integrations

Use with any app, serverless, or ML framework like Kubernetes deployments, statefulSets, Knative serverless, and KServe/Seldon ML deployments.


Iter8 experiments can automatically trigger GitHub Action workflows, notify Slack, webhook and cloudevent receivers.


Iter8 can report results of the experiment in HTML format with D3 visualizations, or in plain text format.

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