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Setup For Istio Tutorials

Clone iter8 repository

git clone
cd iter8
export ITER8=$(pwd)

Install Istio

For production installation of Istio, refer to the official Istio instructions. For exercising Iter8 tutorials, install Istio as follows.

If not already cloned, clone the iter8 repositiory.


Install Optional Prometheus Add-On

The Iter8 Prometheus add-on is suitable only for tutorials. To install Prometheus for production, see the official Prometheus documentation.

To install the add-on:

export TAG=v0.7.21
kustomize build${TAG} | kubectl apply -f -
kubectl wait crd -l creator=iter8 --for condition=established --timeout=120s
kustomize build${TAG} | kubectl apply -f -
kubectl apply -f ${ITER8}/samples/istio/quickstart/service-monitor.yaml

Install Argo CD

If not already cloned, clone the iter8 repositiory.


The output from the install script will provide instructions on how to access the Argo CD UI to setup your Argo CD app. Take those steps now. After logging in, you should see Argo CD showing no application is currently installed.

Create GitHub Token

Login to GitHub. From the upper right corner of the page, go to Settings > Developer settings > Personal access token > Generate new token. Make sure the token is granted access for repo and workflow.

Save the generated token to a Kubernetes secret as follows:

kubectl create secret generic iter8-token --from-literal=token=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Finally, give Iter8 permission to read the secret:

kubectl apply -f
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