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What is Iter8?

Iter8 is the release engineering platform for Kubernetes applications and ML models.

Iter8 is designed for DevOps and MLOps teams interested in maximizing release velocity and business value with their apps/ML models while protecting end-user experience. Use Iter8 for SLO validation, A/B testing and progressive rollouts of K8s apps/ML models.

What is an Iter8 experiment?

Iter8 defines a Kubernetes resource called Experiment that automates SLO validation, A/B(/n) testing and progressive rollouts as shown below.

Process automated by an Iter8 experiment

What is Helmex?

Helmex, short for Helm-based experiments, is an Iter8 experimentation pattern that uses Helm. Helmex makes it easy to run Iter8 experiments with pull-based GitOps operators such ArgoCD and Flux, and push-based (traditional) CI/CD pipeline tools such as GitHub Actions and Tekton.

How does Iter8 work?

Iter8 consists of a Go-based Kubernetes controller that orchestrates (reconciles) experiments in conjunction with a Python-based analytics service, and a Go-based task runner.

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