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Release engineering platform for Kubernetes

Iter8 automates SLO validation, A/B or A/B/n testing, and progressive rollouts with advanced traffic engineering.

Use in any K8s environment.

Use with any CI/CD/GitOps tool.

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Assessment strategies

  • SLO validation
  • A/B and A/B/n test with business reward
  • Hybrid (A/B + SLOs) testing

Rollout strategies

  • Simple rollout & rollback
  • BlueGreen
  • Dark launch with built-in load/metrics
  • Dark launch with mirroring (shadowing)
  • Canary with fixed-%-split
  • Canary with progressive traffic shift
  • Canary with user segmentation
  • Canary with session affinity

Metrics & AI

  • Built-in latency/error metric collection
  • Custom metrics from any DB
  • Metrics mock
  • Traffic shifting using multi-armed bandit
  • Bayesian analysis for version assessment

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