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  1. Integration with more Kubernetes and OpenShift stacks
    • Enhanced support for KFServing and Istio
    • Support for OpenShift Serverless
    • Support for Ambassador and Kong networking layers for KNative
    • Support for experimenting with configuration and routes for Knative
  2. Improved installation
    • Multi-stack installation, Iter8 Helm chart, Iter8 Operator
  3. GitOps
    • Integration with ArgoCD, Flux and other GitOps operators
  4. MLOps
    • Customized experiments/metrics for serving frameworks like TorchServe and TFServing
  5. Enhanced experimentation
    • A/B, A/B/n, and Pareto testing patterns
    • Blue/green deployment pattern
    • Confidence scores
    • Confidence/credible intervals for metrics
  6. Metrics
    • Support for NewRelic, DataDog, Elastic, and other RESTful metric databases
  7. Git triggered workflows and CI/CD
    • Integration with GitHub Actions and other pipeline providers
  8. Notifications
    • Integration with Slack, GitHub, and other RESTful services
  9. Helm tests