iter8 provides a sample Grafana dashboard that can be used to visualize it’s default metrics. The dashboard can be used to follow the progress of an experiment as it executes.

Import the Sample iter8 Metrics Dashboard

To import the sample iter8 dashboard use kubectl port-forward to forward a local port to the Grafana port in your Kubernetes cluster:

kubectl -n istio-system port-forward $(kubectl -n istio-system get pod -l app=grafana -o jsonpath='{.items[0]}') 3000:3000

Verify that you can access grafana by accessing it using a browser: http://localhost:3000

Install the iter8 dashboard using the provided install command:

curl -L -s \
| /bin/bash -

Verify the installation of the dashboard named iter8 Metrics by using a browser to navigate to it.

Note: The sample dashboard has been tested on Kubernetes 1.16 and greater with Istio versions 1.4 through 1.6.

Using the Sample iter8 Metrics Dashboard

The iter8 Metrics dashboard shows a number of metrics related to request rate, latency and error. To see those relavant to a particular experiment, use the drop down menus at the top of the dashboard. You can select the target namespace and service. You can then select a baseline version and one or more candidate versions. This input will be used as filters to display the graphs. Here is an example for a canary experiment:

Grafana Dashboard

In this example, the request rate diagram shows traffic shifting from one version to another over the course of the experiment.

Delete the iter8 Metrics Dashboard

To remove the dashboard, use the grafana dashboard to Manage dashboards, select it and Delete.