A number of other tools can be used in concert with iter8. Current integrations include:

  • Kui - Kui combines the power of familiar CLIs with interactive visualizations to provide an elegant and intuitive experience for users of Kubernetes. Using the iter8 plugin on Kui, you can run Human-In-The-Loop iter8 experiments and easily modify and customize experiment metrics.

  • Kiali - Kiali is an observability console for Istio with service mesh configuration capabilities. The iter8 extension for Kiali allows Kiali users to see start and monitor experiment progress.

  • Trend - Trend collects metrics of past experiments and summarizes them to show performance and resource usage trends that could expose problems creeping up over time.

  • Grafana - Grafana dashboards provide visibility into the runtime behavior of systems. A sample iter8 Metrics Dashboard is provided to show the default metrics iter8 provides.