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Using new resource types

The Iter8 performance test task ready ensures that an object exists and is ready. To use this task with new resource types, including CRDs, add the new resource type to the list of known types defined in the default values.yaml file for the chart. Alternatively, the new type can be specified at run time with the --set option.


To include a Knative service as part of a version definition, add the following to the map of resourceTypes in the values.yaml file used to configure the controller. The addition identifies the Kubernetes group, version, and resource (GVR) and the status condition that should be checked for readiness.

    Version: v1
    Resource: services
    - Ready

Alternatively, to set the values at run time:

--set \
--set resourceTypes.ksvc.Version=v1 \
--set resourceTypes.Resource=services \
--set "resourceTypes.conditions[0]=Ready"