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Using new resource types

Like progressive release, A/B/n tests use the Iter8 release chart. Extending this chart for a new resource type is similar to extending it for progressive release. The key difference is in the definition of the routemap. We briefly describe how to extend the chart for an Knative application.

Example (Knative Service)

For example, to extend the chart to support A/B/n testing for Knative services, the following files could be added:

  • _knative-istio.tpl - wrapper for all objects that should be deployed
  • _knative-istio.version.ksvc.tpl - the Knative service object that should be deployed for a version
  • _knative-istio.none.tpl - wrapper for all objects that should be deployed to support the no automated traffic pattern
  • _knative-istio.none.routemap.tpl - the routemap definition
  • _knative.helpers.tpl - supporting functions

An implementation of these is here.

Note that many of these additions are the same as in the example for progressive release. Of the above files, only _knative-istio.tpl is different.

Finally, update release.yaml to include knative-istio as a valid option:

{{- else if eq "knative-istio" .Values.environment }}
  {{- include "env.knative-istio" . }}

Extend the controller

The Iter8 controller will need to be restarted with permission to watch Knative service objects. Re-install the controller using the following additional options:

--set \
--set resourceTypes.ksvc.Version=v1 \
--set resourceTypes.ksvc.Resource=services \
--set "resourceTypes.ksvc.conditions[0]=Ready"

Using the modified chart

To use the modified chart to run A/B tests for Knative services, see the example for progressive release. Unset the strategy and weight fields.