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Iter8 Hub

Iter8 hub is a GitHub location containing Iter8 experiment charts. The public Iter8 hub is located at The iter8 hub command can be used to download experiment charts from the hub.

# download load-test experiment chart from the public Iter8 Hub
iter8 hub -e load-test

Custom Iter8 hub

It is easy to create and use your own custom Iter8 hubs.

# Suppose you forked under 
# the GitHub account named $GHUSER,
# created a branch called 'ml', and pushed an Iter8 experiment chart 
# called 'tensorflow' under the path 'mkdocs/docs/hub'. 
# Anyone with read access to this repo can download `tensorflow` as follows.

iter8 hub -e tensorflow

See the iter8 hub command for the syntax of the ITER8HUB environment variable used above.

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