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Conditional Task Execution

The execution of a task within an experiment can be made conditional based on an if clause. The task is executed if and only if the clause evaluates to true, and is skipped otherwise. A few examples of conditional execution are shown below.


Assess app versions. If SLOs are not satisfied, send a Slack notification.

- task: assess-app-versions
- if: not SLOs()
  run: |
    curl -d "text=SLOs are not satisfied by your app" -d "channel=C123456" \
    -H "Authorization: Bearer xoxb-not-a-real-token-this-will-not-work" \
    -X POST  

Assess app versions. If SLOs are satisfied, trigger a GitHub Actions workflow.

- task: assess-app-versions
- if: SLOs()
  run: |
    echo xoxb-not-a-real-token-this-will-not-work > token.txt
    gh auth login --with-token < token.txt
    gh repo clone my-repo
    cd my-repo
    gh workflow run promote.yaml -R

Assess app versions. If SLOs are satisfied by version numbered 1, promote it.

- task: assess-app-versions
- if: SLOsBy(1)
  run: |
    kubectl apply -f new-version-of-my-app.yaml -n my-app-namespace

Assess app versions. If SLOs are not satisfied by version numbered 1, rollback.

- task: assess-app-versions
- if: not SLOsBy(1)
  run: |
    kubectl rollout undo deployment/my-app-deployment


The following conditions are supported within the if clause.

  • SLOs() -- this returns true if all the app versions satisfy SLOs.
  • SLOsBy(i) -- this returns true if the version with number i satisfies SLOs.

Negations, logical and, and or are also supported.

  • not SLOs()
  • not SLOsBy(i)
  • SLOsBy(0) and not SLOsBy(1)
  • SLOsBy(0) or SLOsBy(1)
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