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common/exec (deprecated)

The common/exec task executes a shell command with arguments. Arguments may be specified using placeholders that are dynamically substituted at runtime. The common/exec task can be used as part of a finish action to promote the winning version at the end of an experiment.

common/exec is deprecated; use common/bash instead.


The following (partially-specified) experiment executes kubectl apply using a YAML manifest at the end of the experiment. The URL for the manifest contains a placeholder {{ .promote }}, which is dynamically substituted at the end of the experiment.

kind: Experiment
      finish: # run the following sequence of tasks at the end of the experiment
      - task: common/exec # promote the winning version      
          cmd: /bin/sh
          - "-c"
          - |
            kubectl apply -f{{ .promote }}.yaml
    # information about app versions used in this experiment
      name: sample-app-v1
      - name: promote
        value: baseline
    - name: sample-app-v2
      - name: promote
        value: candidate


Field name Field type Description Required
cmd string The command that should be executed Yes
args []string A list of command line arguments that should be passed to cmd. No
disableInterpolation bool Flag indicating whether or not to disable placeholder subsitution. For details, see below. Default is false. No


The command with the supplied arguments will be executed.

In the example above, a YAML file corresponding to the baseline or candidate version will be applied to the cluster.

If this task exits with a non-zero error code, the experiment to which it belongs will fail.

Dynamic Variable Substitution

The common/exec task supports dynamic variable subsitution only using the variables of the version recommended for promotion.

Instead of defaulting to a blank value when Iter8 has not determined a version to recommend for promotion (that is, in start tasks), this task supports the disableInterpolation option to prevent dynamic variable substitution.

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