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What is Iter8?

Iter8 is an AI-powered platform for cloud native release automation and experimentation platform that enables SLO validation, A/B testing and progressive delivery.

Iter8 makes it easy to unlock business value and guarantee SLOs by identifying the best performing version of your app/ML model and promoting it safely.

Iter8 is designed for DevOps and MLOps teams interested in maximizing release velocity and business value with their apps/ML models while protecting end-user experience.

What is an Iter8 experiment?

Iter8 defines a Kubernetes resource called Experiment that automates SLO validation, A/B, and A/B/n testing experiments. During an experiment, Iter8 can compare multiple versions, find, and safely promote the winning version (winner) based on business metrics and performance metrics like latency and error-rate.

Process automated by an Iter8 experiment

How does Iter8 work?

Iter8 consists of a Go-based Kubernetes controller that orchestrates (reconciles) experiments in conjunction with a Python-based analytics service, and a Go-based task runner.