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Using Metrics in Experiments

Iter8 metrics API

Iter8 defines a new Kubernetes resource called Metric that makes it easy to use metrics in experiments from RESTful metric providers like Prometheus, New Relic, Sysdig and Elastic.

List metrics available in your cluster using the kubectl get command. Use metrics in experiments by referencing them in experiment criteria.

Listing metrics

Iter8 metrics are Kubernetes resources which means you can list them using kubectl get.

kubectl get --all-namespaces
NAMESPACE       NAME                           TYPE      DESCRIPTION
iter8-knative   95th-percentile-tail-latency   Gauge     95th percentile tail latency
iter8-knative   error-count                    Counter   Number of error responses
iter8-knative   error-rate                     Gauge     Fraction of requests with error responses
iter8-knative   mean-latency                   Gauge     Mean latency
iter8-knative   request-count                  Counter   Number of requests

Referencing metrics

Use metrics in experiments by referencing them in criteria section. Reference metrics using the namespace/name or name format.

Sample experiment illustrating the use of metrics
kind: Experiment
  name: quickstart-exp
  # target identifies the knative service under experimentation using its fully qualified name
  target: default/sample-app
    # this experiment will perform a canary test
    testingPattern: Canary
    deploymentPattern: Progressive
      start: # run the following sequence of tasks at the start of the experiment
      - task: knative/init-experiment
      finish: # run the following sequence of tasks at the end of the experiment
      - task: common/exec # promote the winning version
          cmd: kubectl
          - "apply"
          - "-f"
          - "{{ .promote }}.yaml"
    requestCount: iter8-knative/request-count
    # mean latency of version should be under 50 milliseconds
    # 95th percentile latency should be under 100 milliseconds
    # error rate should be under 1%
    - metric: iter8-knative/mean-latency
      upperLimit: 50
    - metric: iter8-knative/95th-percentile-tail-latency
      upperLimit: 100
    - metric: iter8-knative/error-rate
      upperLimit: "0.01"
    intervalSeconds: 10
    iterationsPerLoop: 10
    # information about app versions used in this experiment
      name: current
      - name: revision
        value: sample-app-v1 
      - name: promote
        value: baseline
    - name: candidate
      - name: revision
        value: sample-app-v2
      - name: promote
        value: candidate 

Observing metric values

During an experiment, Iter8 reports the metric values observed for each version. Use iter8ctl to observe these metric values in realtime. See here for an example.