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SLO validation, A/B testing and Progressive Delivery

Easily optimize business metrics and validate SLOs when deploying apps and ML models on Kubernetes.

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Why Iter8?


Automate A/B, A/B/n, Canary, and Conformance experiments. Compare multiple versions. Find and safely promote the winning version based on business metrics and SLOs.

Any K8s stack

Experiment over Knative, KFserving, or Istio. Or extend Iter8 over any K8s stack of your choice by adding just a few RBAC rules.


Use metrics from any provider in your experiments, including Prometheus, New Relic, Sysdig and Elastic.


Under the hood, Iter8 uses rigorous Bayesian analysis for version assessments and multi-armed bandit algorithms for traffic shifting.

Progressive rollout

Progressively shift traffic towards the winning version or specify a fixed traffic split during an experiment.

Traffic engineering

Protect end-user experience with traffic engineering features such as mirroring, user segmentation, dark launch, and sticky sessions.

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