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Metrics store

One of Iter8's key advantages is that it incorporates its own metrics store simplifying the set up and execution of A/B/n and performance tests. Iter8 currently supports the following databases:

  • BadgerDB
  • Redis

Iter8 uses BadgerDB by default. Note, however, that BadgerDB is not suitable for production use and is only suitable for a single instance of Iter8. Support for other databases are in the works. See below for details on how to contribute additional implementations.

Using Redis as the metrics store

We assume that Redis is deployed. For example, for a basic deployment:

kubectl create deploy redis --image=redis/redis-stack:latest --port=6379
kubectl expose deploy redis --port=6379

Run Iter8 with the metrics store implementation set to redis and specify its endpoint:

helm upgrade --install --repo --version 0.18 iter8 controller  \
--set clusterScoped=true \
--set metrics.implementation=redis \
--set metrics.redis.addresss=redis:6379

Contribute a new metrics store implementation

To contribute a new metrics store implementation:

  1. Create an issue for discussion.

  2. Submit a pull request on the Iter8 project with the following updates:

  3. Submit a second pull request on the Iter8 docs project updating the list of available implementations.

  4. Alert the project reviewers on Slack #development channel.