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Check if a Kubernetes object exists and is ready.

Usage example

In the following example, the ready task checks if a deployment named httpbin-prod exists and its availability condition is set to true, and a service named httpbin exists.

helm upgrade --install \
--repo --version 0.18 httpbin-test iter8 \
--set "tasks={ready,http}" \
--set ready.deploy=httpbin-prod \
--set ready.service=httpbin \
--set http.url=http://httpbin.default/get


Name Type Description
deploy string Name of a Kubernetes deployment. The task checks if the deployment exists and its Available condition is set to true.
service string Name of a Kubernetes service. The task checks if the service exists.
ksvc string Name of a Knative service. The task checks if the service exists and its Ready condition is set to true.
timeout string Timeout for readiness check to succeed. Default value is 60s.
namespace string The namespace under which to look for the Kubernetes objects.


Iter8 can be easily extended to support readiness checks for any type of Kubernetes object (including objects with custom resource types). To do so, add the new resource type to the list of known types defined in the default values.yaml file for the chart.


To include a Knative service as part of a version definition, add the following to the map of resourceTypes in the values.yaml file used to configure the controller. The addition identifies the Kubernetes group, version, and resource (GVR) and the status condition that should be checked for readiness.

    Version: v1
    Resource: services
    - Ready