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Performance test parameters

Iter8 is built on Helm. Performance tests can be configured with parameters using the same mechanisms provided by Helm for setting chart values.

The set of configurable parameters for a performance test includes the parameters of the tasks involved in the test. Iter8 uses the convention that the parameters of a task are nested under the name of that task. In the following example, the url parameter of the http task is nested under the http object.

helm upgrade --install \
--repo --version 0.17 httpbin-test iter8 \
--set "tasks={http}" \
--set http.url=

All the parameters of the performance test (including of all included tasks) are optional unless otherwise documented.


Global performance test parameters are described here. Task specific parameters are documented in each task description.

Name Type Description
serviceAccountName string Optional name of a service account to use. If specified, it is assumed the service account has the necessary permissions to run a performance test. If not specified, Iter8 will create a service account.
logLevel string Log level. Must be one of trace, debug, info (default), warning, or error.