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iter8 version

iter8 version

Print Iter8 CLI version


Print the version of Iter8 CLI.

iter8 version

The output may look as follows:

$ cmd.BuildInfo{Version:"v0.13.0", GitCommit:"f24e86f3d3eceb02eabbba54b40af2c940f55ad5", GoVersion:"go1.19.3"}

In the sample output shown above:

  • Version is the semantic version of the Iter8 CLI.
  • GitCommit is the SHA hash for the commit that this version was built from.
  • GoVersion is the version of Go that was used to compile Iter8 CLI.
iter8 version [flags]


  -h, --help    help for version
      --short   print abbreviated version info

Options inherited from parent commands

  -l, --loglevel string   trace, debug, info, warning, error, fatal, panic (default "info")


  • iter8 - Kubernetes release optimizer
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