Metrics-driven Automated Rollouts

May the best version win


Launch live experiments that compare multiple versions with metrics of your choice.


Watch traffic automatically shift to the best version. Embed iter8 in CI/CD pipelines.


Gain real-time insights into how different versions perform.

Why iter8?

  • Expressive model of experimentation enables seven distinct live experiment strategies including automated canary rollout, A/B rollout, and A/B/n rollout
  • OpenShift Pipelines and Tekton samples
  • Model selection with TFServing and TensorFlow
  • ML-driven analytics engine enables statistically robust analysis and decision making for assessing versions, identifying the winning version, and shifting traffic to the winner
  • Kiali integration enables interactive experiment configuration, real-time visibility into experiment progress, and insights into how metrics evolve across versions
  • KUI integration enables human-in-the-loop experimentation

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